Life 101

1. Life is good.

2. Every meal is a feast.

3. Every moment is golden.

4. Work is more fun than fun.

5. Love is all there is.

6. Expectations/intentions influence the result.

7. Gratitude is the highest form of prayer.

8. All life is one/There are no others.

9. All true benefits are mutual.

10. Hand washes hand. (Gurdjieff)

11. There is a reason for everything.

12. Everything is on schedule.

13. There is no plus without a minus and no minus without a plus. Gurdjieff

14. What you do is what you are. Lao Tzu

15. We assess ourselves by our intentions; others assess us by our actions.

16. One who has a "why" can endure any "how." Nietzsche

17. What you give is what you get. Nature is a very strict accountant!

18. Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.

19. When we serve the creation, we serve the creator. Sufi Lore

20. There are no sacrifices; only opportunities to serve. Buddhist Saying

Nothing is always so. This too shall pass... So


(Sources: Various Zen, Sufi, Hasidic, Christian, Hindu masters of the past and present. They supplied the pearls; the compiler, the string.)

Project Good Karma


True Service: PGK 11 Principles

1. True service happens when the ego gets "dissolved."

2. In true service, the giver, not the receiver, should be humbled.

3. Only those truly serve selflessly, who have realized in themselves the "Self” of “all."

4. Humble, selfless service is the most potent means to Self-Realization.

5. Selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself!

6. Those who have greater understanding, have greater responsibility to serve.

7. When you get some opportunity to serve, know that Existence is very pleased with you.

8. When you find yourself constantly amidst opportunities to serve, consider yourself to be especially fortunate.

9. And when your every act has spontaneously become an “offering” to “Existence,” know that you have arrived at a path that naturally leads to the Goal Supreme.

10. In fact, Selfless Service is the Goal Supreme!

11. In true service, the server has disappeared; only the service abides.

May we all be so fortunate!

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